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2022-5-9 · Helpful site for beginners to Zed n including Racing Strategies, Breeding Strategies, how to buy your 1st Zed n Horse and much more! Skip to content. Zed Guru. Zed n Strategy, Tips, & News. ... 9 Zed n Pacers You Can Buy on Hawku For The "Pacers-Only" on May 24th. May 20, 2022.

Hawku | Galaxy Crusher (106925) from ZED n

2021-9-18 · Galaxy Crusher is a Z13 legendary Finney Mare from ZED n


2021-9-26 · ZED RANKS tracks horse pricing and stable valuations for ZED RUN digital horses in the metaverse. ...

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Official Zed n Tournament Tracking. "Drilldown" to view Horse''s Win Rate, Profit and ROI over time, filter between Paid/Free Race. "Horseshoe" to view Horse''s Final Positions Graphs at each individual Distance. Also shows Hawku Prices on Profile Page. Showville Rankings show you how your Horses compares to other Horses in terms of ...

Hawku | China Crusher (210436) from ZED n

2022-2-12 · China Crusher is a Z130 pacer Buterin Stallion from ZED n

ZED Buying Guide

2022-5-17 · ZED n is a NFT-based horse racing game. Players can purchase horses through a secondary marketplace like https:// As a horse owner you can race your horses in paid races (from $2.50 per race up to $500!) and win ~6x your entry for finishing first, 2x for second and 1x for 3rd.

Hawku | Uber Crusher (177626) from ZED n

Uber Crusher is a Z18 exclusive Buterin Stallion from ZED n

Super Coat

A Super Coat is where an offspring is born with the same coat colour as both its mother and father. It is difficult to produce and Super Coat racehorses are very rare. The more you breed, the higher your chance is of breeding an extremely rare racehorse with a Super Coat.

The Odd Things About Zed n Odds – Zed Guru

What We Know About Zed n Odds. Here are the things we do know about odds – either from the official Zed n team or from testing using data: The Odds are generated by running 1,000 simulations of the scheduled race. Odds do NOT match up properly… if your horse has 20 odds, it is not 5% likely to win a given race (more on that in a second)

Know Your Horses

2  · Know Your Horses lets you dive deeper in to the racing history and bloodlines of your favorite ZED Run horses. Get near real-time access to historical stats and odds for scheduled races. KYH. App Tournament Standings. C1 Premier. Round 1. Round 2. Semis. Finals. ... Buy now on Hawku for 0.05 ETH 5 # of Races 7.2 Points 11 ...



Hawku ZED Marketplace

Z26 Buterin exclusive Mare (1545 III) quick view On Sale 0.014 ETH

Will There Be Another Zed n Drop? – Zed Guru

01 Jun 2021. Zed n has established that they are selling their finite supply of 38,000 Genesis horses via "drops". However, as time has gone on … these massive "Drop Events" have not gone well. Servers have crashed, Links were sent incorrectly, among other problems. These drops were the best way to get a Genesis Horse at a cheap ...

Hawku dévoile ses projets d''expansion de sa plateforme …

2022-6-25 · Zed Runla plateforme va maintenant s''ouvrir à d''autres titres de la sphère des jeux en blockchain. Au cours de l''année dernière, Hawku s''est fait un nom en fournissant des informations précieuses sur les atouts de Zed Run, donnant aux joueurs les outils nécessaires pour prendre des décisions éclairées pour tous leurs achats ...

Zed Nucleus

Due to recent changes with the Zed API and lack of free time on my end, I will be shutting down Zed-Nucleus. I''m very grateful for being able to meet all the wonderful people in the Zed community while working on this project and look forward to seeing you all on the track. Feel free to hit me up on twitter @RemyRacing Looking for an alternative?


To participate in free racing, all you need is to do is create a stable from ZED RUN and purchase a racehorse from our marketplace and or Opensea (decentralised NFT marketplace). Once you have at least one racehorse in your stable, head over to …

Zed n Flames Explained (Strategy For the Post-Odds …

2021-8-24 · Your Zed n Horse is standing in front of this wheel – and he''s got a strategy that never ever changes. Each spin, he plays each of the 1,000 numbers with a different bet amount. He puts anywhere from $0-$100 on each number. On #1, he puts $25. On #2, he puts $75.

ZED RUN Product Roadmap | Product Roadmap

ZED RUN Product Roadmap. Submit idea. 🔎 Under consideration. 🧪 Discovery. 🏗 Under Development. 🎁 Beta. 🚀 Launched ... accessibility to more users and speed up on-boarding we will provide a simpler way for potential customers to join ZED and continually engage with us. 🐴 Trust-less lending. 40. Being able to lend horses in a ...

Hawku | Course Crusher (55722) from ZED n

Z10 Finney legendary Mare (1500 III) Flex . Inner Beast Stables. Born: 7/21/21 6:50 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 25 days) Last Race: ZED

ZED RUN Breeding: Tutorial, Breeding Charts, …

2021-7-2 · ZED RUN Bloodline Breeding Chart. The offspring will add the two Z numbers of the parents to determine its genotype (or Z-number). To keep it simple, the Z XXX of a stallion + Z XXX of a mare = the new genotype''s Z …

Hawku Raises $4M From Top Crypto Investors to Build the …

2021-10-28 · Today, Hawku already has a platform that provides the key information players need to research, buy and sell horse NFTs for the popular Zed n game platform. In the four months since it launched, Hawku has already reached 3M monthly page views and has built an avid following. The problem and market demand are real.

Hawku | Orange Crusher (98647) from ZED n

2021-9-7 · Z19 Buterin legendary Mare ( 1455 IV) Coral Wave (Rare) High Horse Ranch. Born: 9/6/21 16:37 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 7 days) Last Race:

ZED RUN: The Future of Horse Breeding and Racing

2021-8-10 · ZED Fee: 30%. Each racehorse has its own unique DNA profile that determines the horse''s overall characteristics and abilities. The four (4) traits a horse carries are: Bloodline- plays the biggest role in contributing to a racehorse''s overall ability rating and contributes 80% of the overall weighting. Nakamoto: 180%.

Home | Zed Racer

Racing tools for Zed Run. Welcome to Zed Racer! We have several tools and reports here such as leaderboards, tournaments, stables, and the Live Dashboard. ZedRacer Pro is an enhanced dashboard with additional features. Login Register. View Live Dashboard.

Hawku | Royal Crusher (173474) from ZED n

Z6 Nakamoto exclusive Stallion (1589 II) Battle Horse Gray . SMB Stables. Born: 12/24/21 19:44 UTC (Can breed maybe now and in 3 days) Last Race:

Hawku Unveils Plans to Expand its NFT Analytics Platform

Game asset analysis tool and NFT marketplace, Hawku, has announced it will diversify into a wider range of play-to-earn titles.Traditionally focusing its efforts on horse racing romp Zed Run, the platform will now move to encompass additional titles within the blockchain gaming sphere.. Over the course of the last year, Hawku has made a name for itself by providing valuable …

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2  ·  NFT Hawku 。, Zed Run,。,Hawku Zed Run ...


The aim is to give all ZED RUN community members an incentive to race their racehorses and breed the champions of the future. How do I know which tournament is live? We will always announce tournaments before they begin on Discord, our other social channels, and on the zed n site itself. You can also consult the leaderboards to see which ...

Virtually Human Studio

ZED RUN is developed by globally renowned Virtually Human Studio (VHS), a startup building emotionally engaging immersive digital entertainment that leverages blockchain technology. Virtually Human Studio is responsible for designing and maintaining the basic elements required for gameplay such as: Racehorse population.

Hawku ZED Horse Filter Glossary

2021-12-3 · Z-Value: Z value is known as the genotype of the horse. In general the lower the z#, the better the horse''s base ability. Z-values go from Z1 (the premium top-tier horses) to Z268. ZED created Z1-Z10 genesis horses and when players breed the child horse''s z-value equals the sum of its parents. Breed-type: This usually refers to the ...

ZED RUN | Digital Horse Racing

2022-6-23 · ZED is a provably fair digital horse racing game built on blockchain technology. Create a legacy by building a star-studded stable of winning racehorses. Buy, breed and race the fastest thoroughbreds. ZED is a provably fair digital horse racing game built on …

Hawku | Crusher (8703) from ZED n

2020-10-1 · Crusher is a Z4 exclusive Nakamoto Stallion from ZED n. Z4 Nakamoto exclusive Stallion ( 1697 I) Coral Wave (Rare) 🎗️Renowned Racing🎗️